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Past Present & Future


I am an artist who is always changing direction and finding new ways to express myself. I take inspiration from both the past and present to create something truly unique that also looks towards the future. I'm known for creating more exclusive works of art, making each one its own unique moment in time. With my passion for art and my dedication to pushing my boundaries, you can be certain you're receiving something truly special from Childishfame By Adrian D Howell.


Nana 2.0

Black T shirt

Reflecting from my first shirt & collection I wanted to make a current version, then blend it with my style with exaggerated sleeves to make it more like a band T. 

Spider Lilly / phoenix 

Black T Shirt /White T

First rendition of creating a character for the collection like Nana for the first collection. With spider Lilly meaning death , the black and white shirt reflect the character transformation from dusk & Dawn.

Re birth


My goal is to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind art pieces that are both visually stunning and meaningful. My latest collection features the three butterfly companions of the goddess Phsyce, each one meticulously crafted to perfection using only the finest materials. I take great pride in ensuring that every piece is a stunning representation of my vision, and I am constantly inspired to create more. Stay tuned for more of my art creations featuring the gem butterflies in the near future.

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